This is a woman with long brown hair smiling.
Lisa Merlo Greene
A female student practices completing a COVID-19 screening of an older resident of The Villages during a training session Saturday.
Madeleine Turcotte matched at Vanderbilt University. She is smiling and dis玩ing a sign with this information.
U-F 学院 of Medicine COVID-19 Updates
A female student and a man pose for the 相机 and hold up a certificate dis玩ing the student's award.
Christopher Gross, in his new white coat, poses with his parents.
Oliver Shore wears a suit and a stethoscope hangs from his neck as he poses for a photo in front of the 学院 of Medicine
Missy Audate does a Gator chomp while wearing a green graduation cap and gown
Taylor Rouviere on stage wearing white coat